The interview with Sergey Sholom: how we can make this world better

Let’s see the exclusive interview with Sergey Sholom, leader of GNation, where he is talking about the projects his company is working on, its concept and plans for the future.

–           What can you tell about your team?

All of us are 100% fans of gaming. It’s about 200 people for the moment and 90% of them are high-quality specialists working with blockchain technologies and smart contracts.

We keep on developing the things we have made because working with multi-millions database is not easy even for top-tier technologies. The support must always take care. The developers should go on seeking for deficiencies and eliminating them.

We are able to make a real revolution in this business and recognize how to apply tremendous changes. $100 contributed to the game can turn to $10,000 just in a year. Our mission is for everyone has such opportunity.

The strategy and future plans

–           What’s about your future plans, challenges and the strategy you choose?

We intend to struggle and create serious competition with existing businesses. It’s a building of something new having a different approach. It’s both unique and extremely powerful.

That’s why GNation shouldn’t be considered just as a company. It’s name of community indeed. It’s unlike anything you’ve heard about.

Being in GNation and playing games could make money for people. Given the fact there are more than 2 billion gamers in the world it’s rather big money. For every gamer GNation could be the place of his success. We consider time to be the only challenge and the most precious resource.

We are perspective, working hard and hope to see outcome very soon.

GNation: what is it?

–           What can you tell about GNation?

As I’ve already said the participants of Gnation are 2.4 bln gamers all over the world. There are no differences among them – we don’t pay attention at age, gender, skin color. We have no borders and languages barriers. While playing games we become the same people. It can be said that Game is our common language.

Being a gamer you can be successful. GNation is going to prove it.

We keep on working for providing one-click solution which would help to reserve resources and be a great contribution in ecosystem.

Everybody has a chance and possibility to enter this ecosystem. GNation doors are always opened both for producers and consumers.

Money we’ll get should go back to gamers and game developers. It will be the huge victory of us.

Mission and message

–           What’s the message of your company?

Looking not only through tomorrow but at the long term.

It’s certainly good to have a short-term profit. But the utmost question after all is – what to do with this profit?

We know the governments were rather strict in relation to cryptocurrency in the beginning because there were not good examples of blockchain and crypto’s utilizing.

We can demonstrate these technologies are able to be useful for people: they will provide a better life and help in business. We can be the example of how to use it in a right way. And the world around us would become a better place. That’s our mission.